Driving in France Kit

A driving in France kit is very important and we’ll explain why below.

France and the rest of Europe is different to the UK in that it has strict guidelines in place when driving. It is therefore essential that you carry certain items with you when driving in France.

To make things easier for you we’ve listed below most things that are needed and included in the driving in France kits that can be found in our shop.

Driving in France kit

The Driving in France kit should include as a minimum:

GB Sticker
Headlight Beam Converters
Warning Triangle
Adult High Visibility Vest
First Aid Kit
NF Approved Breathalyser Twin Pack
Universal Spare Bulb Set

Some kits have more than the above listed to ensure you have a few extra essentials.

The Driving in France Kit, however, ensures that you have everything you need to prevent you from receiving a find in France.

Remember to stick the GB sticker onto your vehicle and fit the headlight converters before you get to France.