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AlcoSense Ultra Fuel Cell Breathalyser/Breathalyzer & Alcohol Tester Complete with Carry Case & 100 Mouth Pieces


Police Pedigree – The AlcoSense Ultra is the first consumer breathalyzer in the world to use the same 200mm² professional fuel cell alcohol sensor as several UK, US & European Police Breathalyzers.
Memory Recall & PC Connectivity – The AlcoSense Ultra will store 128 results in its on-board memory with date and time stamps, using USB and AlcoSense’s software (available Jan 2016) the results can be downloaded to your Windows PC for analysis and record keeping.
BlowCoachTM – Most issues while doing a breath test are caused by either blowing too hard, too soft or not for long enough, and with some products this can also cause inaccurate results. BlowCoachTM is a Patent Pending technology from AlcoSense which makes it simple to do the perfect test every time! The Ultra shows you real-time on screen feedback of how you’re blowing. All you need to do is keep the top pressure bar in the middle, and keep blowing until the bottom volume bar is full.

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